Heliconia B&B • Driving Directions • Azuero Sunset Coast

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Inter American Highway
Atalaya turnoff to Azuero Sunset Coast and Heliconia Bed & Breakfast:

Driving west: After passing DIVISA stay alert. After ~ 8 km you will pass the Black Lion restaurant to your left. ~ 6 km further you will see a green sign ATALAYA. Turn south here.

Driving from Santiago east: You will pass the airstrip and shortly after the hospital to your right. Watch out for police with radar guns around the hospital and observe speed limit! Turn south at green ATALAYA sign.

Turnoff GPS coordinates: lat 8.073891º lon 80.96040º

Driving west on Inter American Highway

Turn right after gas station, follow PLAYAS sign. Fill up tank here, next gas is 75 km

The drive from here to Heliconia Bed & Breakfast will take roughly one hour. Keep going south, watch out for pot holes, people, chickens, dogs, cows & horses on the road. You will pass the small towns of Ponuga, [take right fork after town]. The next town is Tebario [slow down to pass police station with speed bump just before Tebario]. Next you will pass through Mariato. There are 2 Chinese grocery stores and a government health center here. A gas station is located just north of town. There is also a bank with an ATM in Mariato. We are located in Palmilla, about 8 km past Mariato [right side of road – watch for green sign], and 500 m before the metal bridge. If you like further general orientation for the whole district of Mariato click hereGPS coordinates: lat 7.59212º lon 80.96045º

Santiago towards Torio Veraguas Panama
Driving from Atalaya down the Azuero west coast
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