Sustainability Commitment

We aim to keep our foot print as small as possible.
To attain this goal we do or have done the following:

  • We bought 8 hectares of grazing pasture which we have reforested with native trees, shrubs and flowers. Among them species that are considered endangered in Panama (Mahogany, Rosewood) threatened or vulnerable. As a result, we now have more than 100 species of birds living on or visiting our property. Among them the sapphire-throated hummingbird, which is endangered in Panama. We also get visitors from north America, among them the rare mangrove cuckoo, prothonotary warblers and eastern kingbirds.
  • Installed LED lights and energy saving light bulbs wherever possible.
  • Harvest rainwater from the roof. This water is filtered and treated to make it safe for human consumption.
  • Installed on-demand electric water heaters.
  • We provide a 4 stroke outboard motor to our partner/captain for our boat trips to replace his 2 stroke motor. A 4-stroke is much more efficient, cleaner & quieter and uses 30% less fuel and 90% less oil.
  • We support two local associations, the Malena Turtle Protection Association and the Quebro Agro-Ecological Association. Both are working to protect turtle nests and the mangrove areas. We encourage our guests to visit these associations.
  • We separate our garbage. Organic waste goes to the compost pile, bottles are re-used wherever possible and we recycle whatever recycle companies will accept.
  • Our waste water is treated and filtered on-site and then channeled to a leach field on our property.
  • We are a member of the Panamanian Foundation of Sustainable Tourism (Fundación Panameña de Turismo Sostenible) and support the latest developments in ECO-tourism. We also participate in a pilot project introducing an ECO-certification for Panamanian tourism companies.

Your comfort comes first of course, but if you wish, you can keep your own footprint (and ours) as small as possible by:

  • Switching off lights when you leave your room.
  • Turning the AC off when you go out for a longer period. Later, after you turn it back on the room will be comfortable within 10 minutes.
  • Tell us when you want to have clean sheets and towels.
  • The flush system for our water-saving toilets is rather delicate and sometimes gets stuck. Please ensure water does not continue to run after usage.
  • Separate any garbage you might have. Organic waste can be deposited in the designated can in the kitchen (please ask). We will gladly accept your cans and bottles, separated from other trash.