Just back from Coiba

…and very happy!!!

Our two night three day visit to Coiba was wonderful (yet again!). Everytime I get there, I realise again why UNESCO has designated this a world natural heritage site. The place is just wonderful. We spent moust of our time snorkelling on granito de oro and near Playa blanca.

Giving our masks a rest at Granito de Oro

The islet was deserted, by humans that is, there was plenty of wildlife in the surrounding waters. Since pictures tell a lot more than words, I will keep it short.

We saw turtles

A turtle at a coral reef near Coiba

an octopus

One rather upset Octopus

Trevally (kingfish)

Kingfish hunting at the reef

And even a small whitetipped reefshark. Luckily, these sharks are not dangerous, they hunt at night for fish. During daytime, they may come to check you out but they also think that discretion is the better part of valour.

White-tipped reefshark

The next planned trip isin a few days(6-8 January) and if you would like to go to, contact us at www.hotelheliconiapanama.com.


About kees

For a couple of years we blogged on blogspot (www.panamagic.blogspot.com) about the start-up of our new life and business in Panama. We completed the start-up phase when we received our permanent resident status in Panama in April 2011. So it is time to start a new blog. We want to share with you more information and news about the Western Azuero, and particularly Mariato District, where we live and work. The Western Azuero is an as yet relatively unknown part of Panama. Even the Panamanians and foreign residents in Panama know little about this area. Because it is so unknown, few come to visit. A situation we are trying to change!
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