Mariato birthday party, western Azuero, Veraguas

Mariato is a very young district, on 25 June 2011 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the district. This celebration was a typical Panamanian event with a parade through the district capital:

The mayor of Mariato leads the Parade

 Many people were dressed in the traditional Panamanian rural festive dresses and all communities elected a princess to represent them at the festivities:

One of the princesses

  After the parade, the princesses performed a tradicional dance with their ‘caballeros’:

Traditional Dance

About kees

For a couple of years we blogged on blogspot ( about the start-up of our new life and business in Panama. We completed the start-up phase when we received our permanent resident status in Panama in April 2011. So it is time to start a new blog. We want to share with you more information and news about the Western Azuero, and particularly Mariato District, where we live and work. The Western Azuero is an as yet relatively unknown part of Panama. Even the Panamanians and foreign residents in Panama know little about this area. Because it is so unknown, few come to visit. A situation we are trying to change!
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